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Retro Revival

March 16, 2011

I was planning to do a fashion related post every week since starting luxelifelove, but I’ve been so uninspired by shopping—and by my lackluster wardrobe—that it just wasn’t happening. I find winter dressing frustrating; I hate having to layer for warmth, instead of for style. Maybe it’s the seemingly longer winter weather we’ve been having this year (see my opinions on winter here), or that taking public transit a couple hours every day has increased my exposure to it, but I’ve been much too disinterested in dressing myself for someone with a degree in Fashion Design. Seriously, if you saw me on the bus lately you would never guess “Fashion Design graduate.” A couple of weeks ago I started purging my closet in a fit of fashion frustration. While in the midst of throwing items into keep and donate piles, I noticed that my wardrobe is almost entirely devoid of colour. Lined up, it could actually pass for one of those grayscales they make you paint in 8th grade art class.

With Spring around the corner and a temporary ban on buying anything black, I was counting on some retail therapy to breathe new life into my clothes. Last weekend I hit the stores looking for something special to jumpstart my passion once again. Denim was really the last thing on my mind (I have my fair share of jeans already), but something about this retro-inspired pair from Gap had me racing to the fitting rooms in excited anticipation. The moment I pulled them up and felt the soft, lived-in fabric and the curves of the fit & flare style I knew it was meant to be. While they may be a blast from the past, these jeans have renewed many of my tops, and more importantly, re-ignited my passion for fashion. Here’s to making the old new again!

  1. Topshop Blue Leather & Satin Blouse $88.00
  2. Aldo “Dianne” Platform Sandals in Camel $90.00
  3. Gap Light Wash Vintage Flare Jeans $79.50
  4. Photo by Tommy Ton via (Does anyone know who made this absolutely gorgeous hat? I need it in my life!)
  5. Dara Ettinger Bridget Ring $90.00
  6. Urban Outfitters Geometric Bead Feather Drop Earring $20.00
  7. Diane Von Furstenberg Harper Daybag in Rose $625.00




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  1. March 19, 2011 9:49 am

    Love the 70’s style this season….am especially loving that DVF bag!
    xo Cara

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