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Homemade Wholegrain Bagels

March 14, 2011

On saturday morning I made homemade wholegrain bagels with cheddar, flax, and a sesame seed and kosher salt crusting. The smell alone is worth the effort, which was surprisingly minimal!

Growing up, we always had homemade bread, buns, and the like. Actually, we pretty much had homemade everything—nary a Chinese takeout bag or pizza box graced our table. My little sister and I loved those special nights when we’d get to order out. We craved anything that wasn’t homemade (Except for pancakes—nothing even comes close to rivaling my mom’s buttermilk pancakes. Period. ). It seemed like such a special treat to have store bought, ready-made food. Now that I’ve been living away from home for the past 4 and a half years and fending for myself (mostly!), my feelings have changed drastically. What I turned my nose up as a kid, I now think of as a luxury. While we often think of money as a luxury, the real luxe life is one with ample time. Time to make your own bread. Now when I think of my childhood, I think of how luxurious it was for us to have a mom who was around to provide us with gourmet home-cooked meals. We ate fresh pancakes before school at least 4 times a week, and pizza every Friday night. In the rat race of commuting city-dwellers, our own kids might not be so lucky…but I hope they are.

Here’s the basic recipe. I substituted 2 cups white flour for 2 cups wholegrain flour, and added 2 tbsp flax seed and about a cup and a quarter of grated cheddar cheese. To get my bagels to rise properly, I also had to cover them on a pan with a tea towel, and put the pan on the stovetop for some warmth. It wasn’t warm enough to leave them uncovered on the counter, and I almost tripled the rising time. After boiling the bagels, I also dipped the tops in a mixture of sesame seeds and kosher salt.

(If you add about a tbsp of baking soda to your boiling water, you’ll get a dark crust like mine!)

Pair with cream cheese and your morning caffeine fix, or with your favourite sandwich insides for an enviable lunch… Enjoy!

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  1. March 19, 2011 9:47 am

    Oh my god!*-* I’m hungry! ahahahah☺

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