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Weekend Wars

March 8, 2011

Weekends in my house are usually hectic. We’re always trying to catch up with the never-ending to-do list, grocery shopping, and house cleaning…

Oh cleaning, you are the bane of my existence. We never used to have such a fickle relationship. I always turned to you in times of procrastination, in times of anger, and during the holidays…but oh how times have changed!

I used to approach cleaning with relish—I now avoid it like the plague, much to the dismay of my apartment. With a dog tracking in sand, my boyfriend’s muddy work boots, a roommate, and my own habit of leaving trails of belongings strewn throughout every room, its no wonder that house cleaning has become a long-term investment of my time. Time is—as I’m starting to learn by spending 2 hours on the bus every day—a luxury, maybe more so than money.

This post by Abigail of Oh My Words, so perfectly sums up my weekend, only my “2 hours” was more like 16…stretched out over two days. Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait right here.

Done? Okay good. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m tired of surrendering my only two work-free, transit-free days to the soul-crushing task of cleaning a week’s (okay sometimes a month’s) worth of dirt and mess that has accumulated, only to do it all over again the next weekend.

So what to do to break the cycle? Well the massive cleanup I dragged my boyfriend into was a good start. Lucky for me he gets much less distracted during the process and finishes all the half-done projects I tend to start. I’m also working towards implementing and maintaining better and prettier organization so I can reclaim my weekends for the things I love: spending time with my man, my puppy, and my blog.

How do you stay clean and organized at home?

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